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How We Help

Functional Medicine Looks At The 'Whole You'

Pinpointing your health issues and choosing treatments that work is our specialty. Here's how:



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We begin by diving deep into your medical history, lifestyle, and symptoms to uncover the hidden factors affecting your health. This helps us identify the root causes of your issues.


Connect the Dots

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Connect the Dots

Your body is a complex, interconnected system. We analyze the relationships between different aspects of your health to determine the most effective treatment strategy for you.


Personal Treatment Plan

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Personalize Your Treatment

We give you a step by step treatment plan using natural, science-backed therapies to help your body get healthier each day as well as preventing future problems.


Nourish and Support

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Nourish and Support

Your health journey doesn't end when your symptoms are gone. We provide ongoing support and adjustments to your treatment plan as needed, empowering you to live free for years to come.

Treatment Methods

We Break Out All The Tools To Help You

Your personalized plan will include one or more of these methods:

Meet Dr. Nina Ross

Nina Ross

Recognized for her deep-rooted passion for empowering individuals to take control of their health, Dr. Nina Ross has become a leading authority in providing natural solutions for holistic health.

Dr. Ross's unique approach combines ancient herbal wisdom with cutting-edge medical research, offering a holistic path to wellness that has transformed many lives.

Ph.D. in Functional Medicine - Kingdom College of Natural Health

Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health

Board Certified Trichologist

National Provider Identification (NPI)
- #1164884078

American Alternative Medical Association (AAMA) - #1917420

Esteemed Member -
Institute of Functional Medicine

Esteemed Member - Academy of Anti-Aging

Got questions?

Dr. Nina has answers!

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What is functional medicine

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How is it better than conventional medicine?

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Will I need to take medication or supplements?

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How long until I see results with functional medicine?


FuncFactor™ asseses your readiness to embrace functional medicine and holistic approaches to health.

With a high score, you're ready to explore  functional medicine and other holistic approaches to health, while a low score might mean you need a bit more support.

Are you ready to take explore new ways of improving your health? If so, FuncFactor™ might be just what you need!

More FAQs

How is your clinic different?

Instead of just treating the symptoms, we work to address the root cause of any health concerns and empower you to take control of your own health and wellbeing.

Think of Nina Ross Functional Medicine as the ultimate upgrade for your body and mind - it's like going from a flip phone to a smartphone, except in this case, you're the one getting upgraded!

Can this be used alongside my Medical treatments?

Absolutely! We can complement traditional medical treatments or replace them. It’s up to you and what your goals are.

If you're looking to reduce your reliance on medications, manage side effects, or simply want to optimize your overall health and wellbeing, the Nina Ross Functional Medicine can be a powerful path to do that.

In a sense, we can be the cherry on top of your healthcare sundae or we can be the entire sundae.

How long do I have to be under your care?

Based on the results of your consultation you will be entered into our 4 month or 9 month program.

Our plan is to have you run a marathon, not a sprint. While every person's journey is unique and results will vary, most people begin to see improvements within a few weeks of starting the protocol.

Do you take insurance?

Our type of treatments are not typically covered by insurance or Medicare at this time. However, many people find that the benefits of the N.E.W. Protocol far outweigh the out-of-pocket cost, as it can help to improve overall health and wellbeing, reduce the need for medications and medical procedures, and save money on healthcare costs in the long run.

We offer in-house financing with very customer-friendly payment terms and if you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account(HSA), you may be able to use these funds to cover the cost of the N.E.W. Protocol.

Think of it as an investment in your health - a small price to pay for the long-term benefits of optimal health and wellness.

How do I get started with Nina Ross?

Becoming a Functional Medicine client with Nina Ross easy! The first step is to go to our Book consultation Section and click “Book Now” From there you’ll answer a few preliminary questions.

Then we’ll have your consultation. After that we will craft a customized plan and get you started on your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

It's like taking the first step on a new adventure - the destination may be unknown, but with the N.E.W. Protocol by your side, you can feel confident that you have the support and guidance you need to reach your healthiest and happiest self.

Treatments from Anywhere

Our place or yours?

We're ready to meet you where you are on your health journey.

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In-Person Visits

Visit our welcoming Atlanta office for face-to-face consultations and personalized treatments.

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Virtual Appointments

Experience the same level of service and quality of care from the comfort of your own home.

Customer Reviews

A word from our clients


Dr. Nina Ross is truly a master of her craft


My visit today with Dr. Nina Ross was an amazing experience! She is super knowledgeable in the area of functional medicine.

functional medicine atlanta testimonial quotes

Nina Ross’s process works for me, and I believe it’s because I stick to her very customized plan with discipline.

functional medicine atlanta testimonial quotes

Nina is knowledgeable about hair loss. My edges and crown are filling in. I’m trusting the process!

functional medicine atlanta testimonial quotes

I did the 10 week program and it was the best investment I had made…It was a commitment but the results are phenomenal.

functional medicine atlanta testimonial quotes

My experience was amazing because Ms Ross is hands on and very knowledgeable.

functional medicine atlanta testimonial quotes

I highly recommend Nina for hair growth and for overall improvement with your health.


I highly recommend her. She definitely cares and knows her stuff. I’m very happy woman today :)

Book A Consultation

Discuss your journey with someone who understands

Working with us means you’ll be partnering with a Health Provider truly invested in your success.

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In-depth Assessments

Uncovering the root causes of your health concerns

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Treatment Plans

Combining holistic therapies and lifestyle adjustments

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Advanced Testing

Identify inflammation, deficiencies, allergies, and imbalances

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Ongoing Support

Monitoring and plan adjustments for long-lasting success