At Nina Ross Functional Medicine, we believe in the power of holistic nutrition to promote optimal health and wellbeing

5 Key Principles of Holistic Nutrition

  • Eating whole, nutrient-dense foods

  • Balancing macronutrients

  • Avoiding processed foods

  • Recognizing food allergies

  • Emphasizing mindfulness and balance

What makes Holistic Nutrition effective?

Holistic Nutrition focuses on interconnectedness, utilizing whole foods and personalized plans to address health's root causes. Working with a Holistic Nutrition protocol teaches these important rules:

Whole Foods First

Holistic nutrition prioritizes consuming foods in their natural state, advocating for whole, unprocessed foods that are nutrient-dense and free from artificial additives.

Individuality in Diet

Recognizing that everyone's body is unique, holistic nutrition emphasizes personalized dietary choices tailored to individual needs, health conditions, and lifestyle.

Balance & Moderation

Rather than adhering to extreme diets or restrictions, holistic nutrition promotes a balanced intake of various food groups and stresses the importance of moderation in consumption.

Mind-Body Connection

Beyond just physical nourishment, holistic nutrition acknowledges the deep connection between food, mental well-being, and emotional health, advocating for mindful eating and listening to one's body.

Organic Lifestyle

Holistic nutrition champions the consumption of organic foods, which are devoid of harmful chemicals, offering a purer, more natural nourishment for our bodies.

Holistic Nutrition Is More Than Just Eating Healthy

Decoding Nutrient Interactions

Holistic nutrition explores how different nutrients interact, enhancing or inhibiting absorption. It's about how your food's components work together in your body.

Unmasking Food Allergies

Holistic nutrition goes beyond calories and macros, uncovering hidden food allergies that can quietly disrupt your health, leading to issues like digestive problems and chronic fatigue.

The Lectin Lowdown

Holistic nutrition also tackles not-so-friendly natural compounds like lectins. Found in many plant foods, they can cause inflammation and health issues for some.

Gut Health Guardian

A holistic approach links a healthy gut to overall wellness. By cutting out foods that upset digestion, it supports a balanced gut microbiome, key for mental and physical health.

Inflammation Insight

Holistic nutrition looks at how foods affect body inflammation, a key factor in chronic health problems. Understanding and managing these triggers can lead to lasting health.

Need a Holistic Plan that works?

Our comprehensive approach to health and wellness incorporates the principles of holistic nutrition, using whole, nutrient-dense foods, supplements, and advanced testing to identify and remove harmful foods from your diet, and nourish your body and mind!

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