Our advanced lab tests reveal hidden health issues, guiding us to create a precise treatment plan for you to feel amazing.

5 Benefits of Advanced Lab Testing

  • Personalized Treatment

  • Pinpoint Root Causes

  • Find Hidden Imbalance

  • Adjust On The Fly

  • More Knowledge

How we use Advanced Lab Test Results

Unlike traditional lab tests, advanced lab tests paint a complete picture of the health journey ahead for you.

Uncover The Hidden Causes

Our detailed lab tests identify hidden health concerns that could be causing major issues.

Build Customized Treatment Plans

Advanced lab tests reveal your unique health needs, guiding us to craft personalized plans.

We Check Everything

Our tests dig deep to find what's hiding in your health, then use nature's remedies to help you feel your best.

Vitamin Deficiency

Our tests do a deep scan for nutrient levels, aiming to spot deficiencies and help us boost your overall health.

Hormone Levels

Our testing covers both key and lesser-known hormones like progesterone, DHEA, and melatonin, helping us correct imbalances for better harmony.

Food Sensitivity

Food Sensitivity

Ever feel like certain foods just don't "agree" with you? Our testing spots those sneaky eats that might be throwing your body for a loop.

Toxicity Levels

Toxicity Levels

Ever wondered if unwanted toxins are crashing your body's party? Our testing sniffs out the uninvited guests that might be dampening your health.

Organ Function

Organ Function

This testing measures the composition of the microbiome in the gut, providing insight into how gut health is impacting overall health.

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